Zoom Strength Training

1929 Arlington Blvd
Charlottesville, VA 22903


ZPT is a classic strength and conditioning training program. ZPT programming is progressive, thoughtful, safe and effective to help build you up and prepare you for life’s challenges. The goal of the programming is to make you stronger, improve movement patterns and positions, and overall provide you with a program that allows you to train to keep your body healthy and whole. And of course the added benefit is that you will look good moving better!
Clients can expect classes with a lot of energy with varied intensity and great music! ZPT is a class where customers can explore movement patterns that maybe they have never experienced before. They can expect coaches who are engaged and genuinely care about your health and success. They will experience the joy of fitness! Jojo hopes that his passion for strength and conditioning shines through programming and that clients will fall in love with training like he has.